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Black Forest Grid Freiburg

The BFG community consists of an interdisciplinary group of researchers at the Albert Ludwig University joining forces to establish an infrastructure looking for new solutions in scientific computation.

Participants are coming from almost all fields.

If you are Interested in the bwGRiD cluster see Documentation for further information or visit the page directly (www.bfg.uni-freiburg.de/bwgrid).



Event 18.12.2014 dCache upgrade (from 16.12.2014 17:15 to 16.12.2014 17:15)
ATLAS srm dCache upgrade v2.2.21 to v2.6.33
News Item 14.11.2013 bfg cluster up after nfs problems
fs1 reinstalled with oi151a8 providing better zfs/nfs capabilities. perhaps single reboots to complete system config.
News Item 10.11.2013 bfg cluster up - homedirs available
after some time consuming hardware and installation operations fs1 is up again. Homedirs are available. There was no data loss.
News Item 09.11.2013 bfg cluster down - fileserver crashed
system of fileserver fs1, hosting diskless nfs shares and 50% of userhomes crashed
News Item 20.06.2013 bfg cluster up - homedirs available
homedirs of fs2 were moved to fs1 and are available
News Item 19.06.2013 cluster up bfg homedirs partially missing
batch and grid functions of the bfg cluster are restored. 50% of the user homedirs are not available at the moment.
News Item 18.06.2013 fileserver crash, cluster down
fileserver fs2, hosting system image of the clusternodes and a part of the user homedirectories, crashed
News Item 30.08.2012 Short downtime of bfg cluster
upgrading dCache and cvmfs requires short downtime and restart of services. downtime is expected to last from 10.00 to 14.00 only. queues have to be drained starting the eavening before.
Available user interfaces
Host   OS   Lustre
ui1   SL6 64   yes
ui2   down   X
ui3   SL6 64   yes
ui4   SL6 64   yes
ui6   SL6 64   yes
ui7   SL6 64   yes
ui8   SL6 64   yes
ui9   SL6 64   yes
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Grid status
CPU usage
CPU usage
Running jobs
running jobs
Storage usage
used storage


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